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Studio Studio: inspiring artists, talking matters

Buddy.art Studio Studio is a digital platform for the art community (think real world art academy networks blended with Airbnb and artist development programmes) which acts as a trusted meeting place for emerging and established contemporary artists - in all disciplines - to connect, studio to studio, sharing critical dialogue, art and ideas to develop their practice. A trusted and supportive environment for artists to exchange knowledge, practicing professional peer to peer, providing the opportunity to connect with curators and institutions through an ongoing programme of creative professional development and lifelong learning.

Who is it for?

Emerging and Established Artists: provides peer support structures for artists’ professional journey and continuing professional development. Expanding professional networks supporting creative practice, making, and lifelong learning.

Institutions, Museums and Galleries: supports partner institutions, museums and galleries to nurture creative talent development. A digital solution to providing artist support that extends reach, increases impact whilst creating a sustainable legacy and removing barriers to inclusion.

Artist Residency Programmes: support structure for artist residency programmes, connecting current artists, removing barriers to inclusion, and creating a sustainable community and legacy for previous residency participants.

Studio Studio Extended, a further tiered use of the platform, can also benefit:

Art Academies and Art Schools: a simple digital solution to supporting alumni as they transition at the critical stage from student to artist. Oportunity for students to be mentored, and teachers to be supported, in guiding students on their journey towards art academy training.

Creative Industry: provides creative industries with a network of practicing professional artists to consult and engage in critical dialogue.

How does it work?

Practicing ‘Artist Peers’ are invited to join ‘Studio Studio’, a curated community of practicing emerging and established artists - from painting, dance, sculpture and performance to everything in between.

The Studio Studio community provides an opportunity for participants to meet trusted peers, to share their practice and give critical dialogue, supporting community members' creative making.

Each ‘Artist Peer’ has an image led profile, through which they can connect, liaise, share and arrange to support other Artist Peers - in person or digitally - to hold critical dialogue about their ongoing creative process.

‘Artist Peers’ can search the Studio Studio community for peers via location, medium of their practice, interests, what they are currently working towards (a commission, solo show, publication, collaborative projects, art fair etc.)

The community is supported through a rich programme of ongoing talks, seminars, feedback sessions (live and recorded) from invited guests from the network of creative partner Institutions, Museums and Galleries. As the community develops ‘Artists Peers’ within the community can further shape and develop the curated professional development programme and lifelong learning content.

A trusting and safe environment

All Studio Studio invited Artist Peers are provided with an anonymous profile and a secure messaging inbox. Artist Peers and community partners sign up to the Studio Studio community code of conduct which includes clauses protecting intellectual property and image rights of all creative works shared on the platform.

Sustainable and inclusive

The platform, whilst new, is based and building on a longstanding tradition of artists’ critical peer support. Studio Studio is reshaping artists' critical dialogue into a blended approach for the modern age.

After formal training artists often lose access, not only to studio facilities, but also to the vital creative and critical support networks of their peers and tutors. Socioeconomic barriers can leave artists unable to establish and/or maintain the personal and professional networks needed to support their professional journey in the artworld.

Studio Studio aims to be sustainable solution that can remove many of the barriers to inclusion that artists encounter by:

  • Providing artists with access to ‘Peer Artists’ ideas, opinions and peer support
  • Removing various social, physical and cultural barriers to meeting and engaging with other artists, curators and art world professionals.
  • Removing barriers of location (distance, inability to travel, visa requirements for travel) for artists in remote areas, and also in times of crisis (pandemic, war, ill health etc.)
  • Opening access and networks to the art community for those who might otherwise find attending and maintaining a presence at art openings, exhibitions, events difficult (single parents, artists with disabilities or ill health etc.)
  • Reducing artists’ carbon footprint by reducing the need to travel to access key professional networks and training.
  • Supporting Museums, Galleries, and Institutions to engage, nurture and support artists talent development.
  • Providing an opportunity for artists to connect regardless of their location, supporting knowledge exchange from the remote to the metropolis and everywhere in between.
  • Developing an evolving and rich programme of curated professional development with partner Institutions, Museums and Galleries, and art world professionals.

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